Jah-Jireh Homes South Africa

Jah-Jireh Charity Care Homes has come a long way since its founding over 30 years ago. Since demand for its services continues to rise around the world, further homes are planned for the future in various countries.

This 2012 video (released by Jah-Jireh Charity Care Homes in the UK) gives a quick look at what has been accomplished and asks: “Where Next?”



Welcome to Jah-Jireh Homes South Africa

Jah-Jireh Homes Care specifically for Elderly and Infirm Jehovah’s Witnesses in a safe and spiritual environment.

Jah-Jireh Homes South Africa

The form of worship that is clean and undefiled from the standpoint of our God and Father is this: To look after widows and orphans in their tribulation, and to keep oneself without spot from the world.‘ – James 1:27

What is Jah-Jireh?

Jah–Jireh is set up to care for elderly & infirm dedicated, baptised Jehovah’s Witnesses in a loving spiritual environment.

The Need for Jah-Jireh

As times grow ever more critical and the pressures of caring for oneself and family increase, there is a growing need here in SA to look after our aged brothers and sisters. Many who are currently in care facilities country-wide find themselves surrounded by those who do not know or love Jehovah.

How Can You Help?

You may have a property to donate for the establishment of a care-giving facility. Volunteers may offer their time and expertise to assist those who are residents. Hairdressers and physiotherapists are some services that will be required. Alternatively, you may have some disposable assets which you would like to use as a donation. Please contact us with your enquiries.

Contact Jah-Jireh for more infomation

Call Rod de Witt on 084 314 4166

About Jah-Jireh

The name Jah-Jireh is scripturally based and essentially means: Jehovah Provides.

Gen 22: 14 says: ” And Abraham began to call the name of that place Je‧ho′vah‐ji′reh. This is why it is customarily said today: “In the mountain of Jehovah it will be provided.

Jah-Jireh Homes have been in existence in the United Kingdom for over 28 years and in Canada for over 14 years. Other homes have been established in South Korea and Poland.

There is a great need for facilities for our elderly and infirm brothers and sisters that cater to their particular needs.




At Jah-Jireh Homes across the world, there are programmes to care not only for the physical needs of our older brothers and sisters but also their spirituality.

Here is just a short list of some of the spiritual activities happening at different Jah-Jireh Homes:

  • Day’s text, daily bible reading and weekly family worship

  • Meeting preparation and learning to use the workbook

  • Facility to watch the meetings live if unable to attend

  • A literature trolley kept in the home for residents use

  • Some congregation ministry groups meet at the homes which residents like to sit in on even if unable to go out

  • JW Broadcast monthly programme

  • Spiritual ‘coffee mornings’ which we are told the residents love

  • All homes have arrangements to attend the convention. For those unable to attend, provisions have been made for them to watch live the same weekend or downloaded to watch in separate sessions.

Prayers are offered regularly as and when appropriate or requested by the residents. Many homes also have trustees assigned to each home who regularly visit and spend time listening to the residents and offering support and bible based advice.

Want To Know More or Help Out?

We would love to hear from you if you would like to get involved or organise any spiritual activities in the home. Some of our more able-bodied residents get such joy from spending a short time on street work or cart witnessing.

Please email: Jahjireh.southafrica@gmail.com

Caregiver Services Offered

Are you or a loved one in need of additional assistance in your own home?

Feel free to speak to us about professional caregivers who are both members of the Christian congregation and also well trained professional caregivers in your area.

How Can You Help?

There are two ways you can assist Jah-Jireh South Africa


If you would like to make a donation toward the running of Jah-Jireh or the establishment of a new Jah-Jireh Home please contact:


You may want to make a once-off cash donation or even leave donations in your will.  Other brothers and Sisters prefer to use a stop-order to make regular smaller donations to our funds. Contact us to see how you can go about doing that.   On the other hand, you may have a property to donate for the establishment of a care-giving facility. Perhaps you have some disposable assets which you would like to use as a donation.

We are grateful for the contributions and help we receive, whether it be financial or volunteering your time.  Please contact us with your inquiries.


Volunteers may offer their time and expertise to assist those who are residents.

Hairdressers and physiotherapists are some services that are always required. Also, those who are willing to help our older brothers and sisters to read and enjoy some conversation.

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer your time or skills to help.

Jah-Jireh Milnerton



Jah-Jireh Milnerton in Cape Town overlooking the famous Table Mountain and Robbin Island is a low care facility with space for 10 couples or individuals.

The home features an additional 2 rooms for caregivers as well as a convalescent room for some of our hard working Missionary or Bethel brothers and sisters to use after medical procedures at hospitals and clinics in the city.

The home also features a large outdoor area with swimming pool and upstairs deck (with braai facilities) which residents can book out to entertain friends.

A weekly Wednesday morning letter writing group enables local brothers and sisters to associate with residents while working with them in this aspect of their ministry.

The large lounge offers residents the opportunity to enjoy JW Satellite broadcasting and is the venue for the weekly family worship evening.

A Quick Look At Some of the Rooms

Contact Us

For additional information about Jah-Jireh South Africa please contact Rod de Witt on

084 314 4166 or 021 555 3349 or email: 



You will no doubt have some questions about how Jah-Jireh works and whether it will be a good fit for you. We have gathered some common questions and the answers to help guide your decision.

1) Can I bring my own pets?

Residents will unfortunately not be able to bring pets to the home.

2) Can I bring my own furnishings, linen, curtains etc?

Residents are welcome to bring their own furnishings, fittings, linen and curtains

3) Do I get a dedicated parking bay?

There is currently available parking behind locked gates but this is not always guaranteed, so parking in the street can become a real possibility. There are no dedicated parking bays.

4) Do I have to eat all 3 provided meals?

Residents are not obliged to eat all 3 meals but cannot expect a discount.

5) Can I do my own washing and ironing?

A laundry and ironing service is part of the service but residents may do their own washing and ironing if the communal facilities are not being used.

6) Can my immediate family stay over while visiting me at Jah-Jireh?

Residents’ visiting family members may stay over in the Home if we have vacant rooms at the time. A daily tariff will be negotiated and paid in full in advance of the stay.

7) Can I connect up my own TV, DSTV?

Residents may connect up their own TV to the connection point in each room. A communal satellite dish is available for JW TV, Mnet and SABC etc. There is no communal TV license so each resident will need their own personal valid TV license.

8) Can I change any of the fixtures in my room?

Residents may apply to change certain fixtures, paint walls and hang pictures in their room on an undertaking to restore the room on vacating it.

9) Can I later move from a single room to a double room and pay the extra?

Residents in a single room may move to a double room if they marry or share with a friend who applies in the usual way.

10) Can I cook in my own room?

Residents may not cook in their own rooms but are welcome to use their kettle or microwave oven.

11) Can I entertain my personal visitors at Jah-Jireh?

By prior arrangement personal visitors are welcome to use the communal lounge or pool and braai area.

12) What happens if I or my family cannot pay the monthly fee in advance?

In the event that the monthly payment in advance is not made timeously, it will automatically trigger the 30 day notice clause which means the resident must then vacate the room.

13) Can you accommodate my strict dietary preferences or needs?

Strict dietary preferences or needs may not be able to be accommodated in the Home. Full disclosure on the initial application form is thus vital.

14) Can I hire my own cleaner to come in and assist me?

Residents will not be able to hire their own cleaner to service their rooms and belongings.

15) What happens if I cannot give the required 2 calendar months notice?

Should a resident not be able to give the required 2 calendar months’ notice, the deposit will take care of 1 month and the balance will be negotiated with the resident and their family.

16) What must I do about load shedding?

In the event of load shedding, residents are responsible for their own electronic equipment. No candles or gas bottle equipment may be used in the rooms.

17) Must I buy my own prepaid electricity?

Residents do not need to buy prepaid electricity for their room.

18) Must I buy my own internet data?

Residents must buy their own internet data. Communal internet wifi may become available in the future.

19) What happens if I have a disagreement with other residents or the management?

In the event of a disagreement with other residents, volunteer staff or the Trustees, residents will handle the matter using scriptural principles.

20) What happens if I get incapacitated?

Should a resident become incapacitated and we are unable to offer suitable care facilities, they will need to be moved to another care facility at the expense of themselves and their families.

21) Do I have an automatic right to move into the next Jah-Jireh home for higher levels of care?

Residents do not have an automatic right to move to the next Jah-Jireh for higher levels of care but they would obviously enjoy preference.

22) Who makes the decision about what level of care I need?

The decision that a resident should move to a higher care facility is usually taken in consultation with the resident and their immediate family, friends and medical professionals.

23) What happens if I die?

Should a resident pass away, their family or executor will be allowed a calendar month to remove belongings should they wish to do. Their family will not receive a partial refund for unused services.

24) Can I choose which room I get?

Residents may choose their room if a choice is available at the time.

25) What support is there to help me physically settle into and get used to my room?

Residents can expect emotional and physical support during the move. Our volunteers and other residents have all been there themselves.

26) Can I install my own Telkom line in my room?

Residents will not be able to install a Telkom line in their room.

27) Am I allowed to offer suggestions to the management?

Residents are most welcome to offer suggestions to improve our facilities and service at all times.

28) When do prices go up?

Prices usually escalate in January of each year. There is no fixed increase as we try to limit it to our actual running cost increases. Residents will receive a calendar months’ notice should we need to increase the prices.

29) If I leave, how will I remember what belongs to me?

Residents should give an inventory of their personal belongings to the Home when they arrive so that they know what to take away should they vacate.

30) Can I give Jah-Jireh general power of attorney in case I become incapacitated?

Residents should not offer power of attorney over their personal affairs to our staff. We prefer you use personal family, friends or your attorney in this legal appointment.

31) Can one of the Jah-Jireh staff help me with things like my Will or my banking?

Residents should not ask our Helpers to assist them in drawing up wills or completing banking transactions unless there is a written agreement with the Trustees on file.

32) Are the effects in my room insured?

Resident’s possessions and belongings including vehicles, are not insured by the Home. This should be arranged privately if so desired.

33) If electricity, water, sewer etc are down, can I claim a refund?

Residents will not be able to claim a refund should we lose Municipal services for any reason.

34) Who pays for any repairs to the structure in my room?

The Home will carry costs for any repairs to the structure and fittings in and around the rooms.

35) Who pays for repairs to my personal belongings?

Residents will carry costs for repairs to any of their personal possessions.

36) Who cleans my room?

Residents are encouraged to make their own beds and clean their own rooms but have the support of our volunteers if they are unable to do so. Residents may not lock their rooms or refuse access at all reasonable hours.

37) Can I sometimes order room service?

Residents may request room service from time to time if it is convenient for our helpers.

38) Can I run a small business from my room?

Residents may not operate a business from the Home unless they have a clear written agreement with Trustees on file.

39) What should I do if something in my room is not working?

Residents should please advise our duty manager if anything in their room is not working.

40) Can I get contractors to do work for me in my room?

Residents may not engage contractors to work in their rooms. Access to the property is controlled.

41) If I am in a single room, can I be forced to move and share with someone?

Residents in single rooms will not be forced to share a room.

42) What happens if Jah-Jireh burns down and I have nowhere to go?

Should the property become uninhabitable for any reason, the Home will provide residents with alternate accommodation at the agreed rate until we can get access again.

43) Is there a medical service on the site?

There is no medical service at the Home. All costs and arrangements for medical care are for the residents’ personal account.

44) Can I be asked to leave?

Residents may receive notice from the Home to vacate. Scriptural principles will always be followed and applied.

45) Can my visitors be asked to leave?

Visitors to our residents may also be asked to vacate if they cause a disturbance to the operation of the Home.

46) Can I bring a trailer, caravan, second car?

Residents may bring one personal vehicle to the Home but not trailers, caravans or other vehicles.

47) Can I volunteer to help with regular chores at the Home?

Residents are encouraged to volunteer for light gardening duties and may donate their own personal gardening equipment. Residents are also encouraged to volunteer for light duties in and around the Home. However, neither of these are expected or required.

48) Can jah-Jireh transfer my agreement to another Company without my knowledge?

The Home may not transfer this agreement to another person or entity without permission from each resident.

49) Can I pay for 12 months accommodation in advance to secure a discount?

Residents may not pay for a year in advance in order to obtain a discounted rate.

50) Is there a guaranteed transport service for meetings, assemblies, field service, shopping etc?

There is not a guaranteed transport service for weekly shopping or meetings or field service. However, our helpers are naturally very obliging. Residents should contribute towards these costs privately.

51) Must I bring a doctors certificate to say I can live at Jah-Jireh?

Residents do not need a medical doctor’s report before they are accepted to Jah-Jireh Homes; however a frank assessment of your conditions is required on the application form.

52) Is there an emergency call button in my room?

Residents are encourage to purchase and wear an emergency response bracelet.

53) If I am in hospital or on holiday must I still pay my full fee?

Should a resident be away on vacation or in hospital, their full account is to be paid as usual in advance.

54) Is Jah-Jireh owned and operated by the SA Bethel?

The Home is not run by Bethel. It is private initiative.

55) Can I buy my own room and become the owner?

Residents are not able to purchase their rooms and become owners, nor are they able to sublet their rooms.

56) Do I get any personal amenities for my sole or personal use? 

Besides their rooms and bathrooms, residents cannot expect sole and exclusive use of any of the Home’s facilities.

57) As a single person may I share a double room to reduce costs?

On agreement from the Trustees, a resident in a single room may choose to move to a double room with a friend to reduce costs. However, should that friend decide to leave, the resident becomes liable for the whole amount.

58) Does the home provide wheelchairs and walkers?

Residents should provide their own wheelchairs, walkers or other aids. We do sometimes get donations of these items.

59) May I bring interested people and Bible studies to visit at the Home?

Residents are very welcome to invite Bible studies, family or friends as day visitors to the Home.